We believe that everyone deserves to have direct access to their personal physician.

The average family spends thousands of dollars every year on their health and countless hours in waiting rooms. Butler Family Medicine members pay about two dollars a day and virtually no time in waiting rooms to have direct access to their personal physician, dramatically decreasing their need for other healthcare services. Sponsoring members pay about five dollars per day and receive the same great benefits for themselves as well as a sponsorship recipient who couldn’t otherwise afford a membership.



  • Starting at $150/month for couples and $185/month for families with children

  • Sponsoring family $300/mo*

  • $150 one-time registration fee per family



  • 0-30 years old: $75/mo

  • 31-49 years old: $85/mo

  • 50+ years old: $95/mo

  • Sponsoring individual $150/mo*

  • $75 one-time registration fee


*Please contact us for special pricing if you have a unique family situation or medical necessity coupled with financial hardship. We have a small number of sponsored memberships available each month and would love to help you!


10% discount for memberships paid annually


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