Why Butler Family Medicine?

Butler Family Medicine is a community-supported family medicine office, meaning that together with our sponsoring members, we are able to offer care to as many people as possible, regardless of their ability to pay. Our welcoming office was created with the patient experience at the heart of all we do. We offer a sensory room, relaxing family lounge, in-house dispensary for low-cost medications, free blood draws at local LabCorp locations and in-house psychological counseling services. Come check us out, we know you’ll feel right at home in our patient-centered office.

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct primary care is an innovative healthcare delivery model that creates a direct line from you to your family doctor. In order to get you direct access to your doctor, we have to eliminate the red tape of insurance. We offer a low, fixed monthly membership fee for those focused on holistic, comprehensive, integrative, and preventive care with 24/7 access. We also offer consultations for those who are generally healthy and prefer only an annual physical and occasional office visits for their primary care needs. We also offer sponsoring memberships and reduced cost/free memberships. Call us to either sponsor a member or request to be sponsored.

What if I already have good insurance?

Does your insurance give you 24/7 access to your personal physician via phone, text, email or video visits, guarantee same or next day appointments when you need them, offer house calls and work visits, see you on time for your appointments and spend as much time as you need for your concerns? With Direct Primary Care, you get all of this, and more. Being a member means getting direct access to your doctor who works for YOU instead of an insurance company.

Will I still need insurance?

Your membership at Butler Family Medicine could cover up to 90% of all of your healthcare costs. Members of direct primary care practices tend to get hospitalized less often and stay out of ERs and urgent cares due to the high-quality preventive and acute care they are able to receive through their personal, unhurried physicians. However, you will still need insurance coverage should you need hospitalization, surgery or extensive specialist support.

Some families and individuals are unable to afford health insurance or membership to a DPC practice. We believe everyone deserves great preventive and medical care. We currently have a waiting list of patients who are unable to afford care, but hopeful for sponsorship. When you opt for a sponsoring membership, we pull in someone off this list to become a reduced cost or free member, based on their financial need. We also keep a percentage of profits to provide free and reduced cost care regularly to as many patients as we can. Some only need sponsored for a short period of time, perhaps during a job loss, and others need long-term sponsorship. We believe strongly in community-supported healthcare and joining as a sponsoring member is one way to help support those families and individuals in need of quality healthcare.

What is a “sponsoring” membership?