Welcome to Butler Family Medicine!

This is medicine as it should be.

We offer a high-quality, sensory-friendly, judgment-free, incredible family medicine experience for all ages in Mason, Ohio.

Our Office

The Fountains Office Park, 5224 Cedar Village Dr, Mason, OH, 45040,

Office Hours By Appointment Only

Ph 513-445-4899

Fax 513-409-0285

DIRECTIONS: When you enter The Fountains Office Park, make the first left and park in front of the building, facing Cedar Village Dr. Then, go through the door between Cedar Village Dentistry and Smile-O-Dontics. Enter the foyer through the door for Smile-O-Dontics on the right side of the building. Once inside, Butler Family Medicine will be located on the left. Call 513-445-4899 if you need help!